Doing Business With Us

Supply chain management provides oversight of all purchasing, procurement and vendor contracting for UC Health. Our mission is to select suppliers and service providers that adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, service and price.

UC Health has a strong commitment to supplier diversity and economic inclusion, which our department oversees. We are committed to future success with this program and seek bids from qualified vendors as the need arise. This initiative ensures a competitive, inclusive process and contributes to the economic growth and stability of our region.

Supply chain management is responsible for more than 700 contracts system-wide. We add value to UC Health and its hospitals by evaluating every service provider and supplier to ensure they provide the best quality, safety and service at the best possible price.

The intake process for all potential UC Health suppliers begins with its centralized purchasing department.

Vendor Compliance

    1. The hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics and other direct patient care areas of UC Health have standardized vendor policies and require vendor credentialing.
    2. All vendors entering direct patient care areas at any UC Health facility will be required to wear a vendor badge issued by UC Health.
    3. UC Health has selected REPTrax as its system-wide standard for healthcare vendor credentialing.
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