Ways To Help

Keeping Cincinnati Close

The number one question we continue to receive from both our staff and the community is, “How can I help?” Asking the question alone provides hope to us at UC Health.

While we stand on the front lines of this pandemic and continue to care for those who need it most, we have members of our community fighting loneliness as an effect from social distancing.

At our own Bridgeway Pointe and Daniel Drake Center, we’ve implemented what we can to keep spirits high while visitors are not permitted for their safety and the safety of those they love.

However – this is where you can help.


Find a pen, pencil, marker or whatever you have – and write a letter, a note, a poem – whatever moves you – and send it to our residents at Bridgeway Pointe, or at any of the participating communities listed below. Staff will deliver these notes to residents accordingly.

The UC Health Infection Prevention team has approved the delivery of cards, letters and drawings to patients and residents who can’t receive visitors.


Bridgeway Pointe

165 W Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45216

Daniel Drake Center

151 W Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45216

Evergreen Community

Nursing Home: 230 West Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215

Skilled Nursing Facility: 8000 Evergreen Ridge Drive, Cincinnati OH, 45215

Harrison Pavilion Rehabilitation & Nursing Care

2171 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45211

Pleasant Ridge Care Center

5501 Verulam Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45213

Astoria Place of Cincinnati

3627 Harvey Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229

Beechwood Home

2140 Pogue Avenue, Cincinnati OH, 45208

Hyde Park Health Center

4001 Rosslyn Drive, Cincinnati OH, 45209

Episcopal Retirement Services (Marjorie P. Lee and Deupree House)

3870 Virginia Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45227

If your community wants to get involved, please reach to us on social media. 


  1. Write a letter filled with hope and happiness.
  2. Place the letter in an envelope.
  3. Address the envelope to “Keeping Cincy Close.”
  4. Choose a location from the above list and write the correlating address on envelope.
  5. Place postage on envelope. If you do not have stamps, buy online today here.
  6. Put finalized letter in mail.

Social distancing does not have to mean loneliness.

Together, we can keep Cincinnati close.