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Have You Heard About UC Health’s Transition Care Clinic?

Jan. 3, 2020

Support for adolescents with complex health conditions or developmental disabilities as they transition into an adult healthcare system.

Child to Adult: Transistion Care Health Clinic

The UC Health Transition Care Clinic provides adolescents and young adults who have complex health conditions or developmental disabilities with support and health-related planning that helps them transition from a pediatric medical care system to an adult medical care system.

The clinic serves the needs of adolescents and young adults diagnosed in childhood with complex medical needs, diseases or disabilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Autism.

  • Cerebral palsy.

  • Developmental disabilities.

  • Down syndrome.

  • Fragile X.

  • Spina bifida.

  • Other rare and complex conditions.

Services include:

  • A complete physical exam and assessment of the patient’s functional capabilities.

  • Developmentally appropriate and condition-specific health screenings and guidance.

  • A transition plan that outlines the steps needed to transition to adult healthcare, including developing self-care skills.

  • Resource support to help the patient’s identify adult doctors, support services and insurance options.

  • A healthcare summary.

  • An emergency health plan.


3120 Burnet Ave., Suite 401, Cincinnati, OH 45229


Office: 513-585-9009

Fax:    513-585-9018

Office hours by appointment: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 1–4 p.m.


Timothy Freeman, MD; Abigail Nye, MD; Lauren Wang, MD