Offering Hope to Patients With Chronic Pain

Dec. 31, 2019

Rani Nasser, MD, UC Health neurosurgeon and assistant professor of neurology, explains what sets apart the UC Back, Neck & Spine Center.

Q: What makes the UC Back, Neck & Spine Center unique?

A: The UC Back, Neck & Spine Center is a collaborative space designed to offer patients the best possible care, all offered under one roof so that they don’t have to go to multiple locations. It is state of the art with services and innovative technologies that include MRIs, pain management, and both surgical and nonsurgical care.

Q: What nonsurgical treatment options does the center offer?

A: Our commitment to Greater Cincinnati is offering a comprehensive spectrum of care, and that includes nonsurgical options. The center offers pain management and rehabilitation physicians, physical therapy and integrative health options such as acupuncture and preventative medicine.

Q: What pain management options are offered other than medication?

A: Having pain management and rehabilitation doctors within our center provides our patients with truly comprehensive non-operative spine care. In addition, we have interventional radiology, interventional anesthesia and pain partners who offer treatments such as very specific injections or nerve ablations.

Q: Can the UC Back, Neck & Spine Center help with chronic issues?

A: Yes—We take pride in our diagnostic ability and collaborate across multiple specialties to help treat those patients who have given up hope on finding a solution to their chronic condition. This collaboration is seamless because these specialties share clinic space and perform procedures—setting our center apart from others in the region.

Q: Is the UC Back, Neck & Spine Center conducting any research?

A: There’s plenty of exciting research happening at our center. Many experts conduct research that focuses on getting the best results for patients through standardizing nonsurgical care, sometimes collaborating with our community partners. Some study biomechanics, or how we use technology to improve patients’ health. We also have physicians that are collaborating with the UC College of Engineering and Applied Science to design special kinds of skull and spine implants.