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The Damar Hamlin Effect: Revolutionizing CPR and AED Training Nationwide

Dec. 27, 2023

In an unexpected turn of events, Buffalo Bills football player Damar Hamlin has become a driving force behind a nationwide transformation in CPR and AED training, following his life-threatening cardiac arrest during a Monday Night Football game.

Over the past year, Hamlin's extraordinary recovery has not only inspired thousands across the nation but has also spearheaded a significant shift in life-saving CPR and AED techniques. His commitment to raising awareness about cardiac arrest, particularly among young athletes, has left an indelible mark on UC Health and communities nationwide.



Timothy Pritts, MD, section chief of general surgery at UC Health and a member of Damar’s care team, expressed, "It is remarkable to see the influence that Damar has had on our community and the rest of the country. His dedication to raising awareness about CPR and AED education is truly making a difference, and we are incredibly proud to witness his efforts."

Dr. William Knight, an emergency medicine and critical care physician at UC Health who also was a part of Damar’s care team, stated, "It's an honor to watch Damar and his foundation bring awareness around an important subject like CPR and AED education. He is truly making a difference, and we are so proud to support him."

"The Damar Effect" has triggered a substantial surge in public interest, CPR and AED training, advancements in cutting-edge equipment, and even legislative changes over the past year, specifically:

Awareness Surge: The American Heart Association (AHA) has witnessed a remarkable 620% increase in page views for their "Hands-Only CPR" content and a 145% rise in page views for their "What is CPR" page. These statistics reflect a significant uptick in public interest and a growing eagerness to acquire essential life-saving skills.

Cutting-Edge Technology Adoption: UC Health has embraced "The Damar Effect" by introducing Transesophageal ultrasound (TE) for cardiac arrest patients at UC Medical Center. This state-of-the-art technology enables a comprehensive examination of the heart without obstructions, providing crucial insights for effective treatment. The acquisition of this equipment was made possible by generous donations to the health system following Hamlin’s injury.

Training Surge at UC Health: UC Health's Take10 Cincinnati CPR trainers have experienced a sixfold increase in demand, conducting 78 sessions and training over 2,440 individuals. This underscores the tangible impact of Hamlin's advocacy on CPR education.

Legislative Momentum: Twelve states have enacted legislation to make CPR and AEDs more accessible in public spaces and youth sports venues. In Ohio, the state House has passed HB 47 to mandate clearly marked AEDs in all Ohio schools, including at all indoor and outdoor athletic facilities. The bill is currently under review by the state Senate.

Widespread Public Interest: Google searches related to CPR and AED have surged by 42% in the past year. Monthly search volumes for "CPR and AED" and "CPR training" have increased by 41.63% and 25.50%, respectively, making Damar Hamlin the most googled person in the world in 2023.

The "Damar Effect" continues to reshape CPR and AED training nationwide, saving lives and empowering individuals to act confidently in emergency situations. As Hamlin's advocacy gains momentum, the profound impact on communities and healthcare systems alike is immeasurable. UC Health is proud to stand alongside Hamlin and his family, contributing to the ongoing effort to raise awareness of cardiac arrest.

For more information about CPR and AED training and to be part of the “Damar Effect” in 2024, please visit Take10Cincinnati.com.