COVID-19 Resources

Going to the Doctor: A Guide to Prioritizing Your Health During Coronavirus

May. 4, 2020

Over the past several weeks, you may have sought virtual care or simply delayed some of your healthcare  needs. Your health matters, and it’s important not to ignore or delay the healthcare needs of yourself and your family.

While maintaining social distancing and practicing precautions to stay safe against COVID-19 remain important, so does addressing your ongoing healthcare needs.

Rest assured, our facilities are open and here for you if you need medical care. This is what has allowed us all to play a vital part in keeping our friends and neighbors safe and in good health for decades. 

Medical Emergencies

No matter what phase of re-opening your state is in, Emergency Departments (ED) are open and prepared to care for you or a loved one. Remember to call 911 if you or a loved one is experiencing a change in mental status, respiratory distress, or the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke.

What will my doctor’s visit look like?

As we see the rate of COVID-19 cases decline, many states are beginning to re-open healthcare services in phases, in addition to many other businesses and resources. However, your visit to the doctor may look a little different as we continue social distancing and ensure enhanced protective measures. Some differences you may experience include:

  • Waiting in your car, instead of a waiting room.
  • Having your temperature taken and asked to wear a mask upon entering a healthcare facility (masks may be provided if you do not have one). Your care team will also wear a mask to ensure safety.
  • Limited (and sometimes, no) visitors at appointments and/or hospital stay.
  • Increased virtual care. This includes e-visits, video visits, and phone visits.

If you see a specialist at UC Health, there may be additional protective measures that your physician’s office will review with you prior to your appointment.

How can I prioritize my health even if I am not sick?

It is important to see a doctor when you’re well, not just when you are sick. An annual wellness visit can help find problems before they start. Getting check-ups is one of many things you can do to help stay healthy and prevent disease. It also allows you to stay current on vaccines and necessary tests. 

How can I find a primary care physician?

If you don’t already have a primary care physician, UC Health has several primary care locations. You can also call to request a virtual visit or appointment at 513-475-8001.