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City Announces New Partnership to Prevent Violence

Feb. 13, 2024

Cincinnati, OH – Today, City Manager Sheryl Long announced UC Health and Cincinnati Children’s are the award recipients of a $600,000 RFP (Request for Proposals) announced last year.

This RFP for a community-based violence intervention and prevention grant focuses on funding programs that reduce violence and provide support for those most at-risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of violence. City Manager Long is proud to partner with UC Health and Cincinnati Children’s to help fund a Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program. This data-driven approach will ensure victims of violence receive critical wraparound services, directly from the hospital where they are being treated.

“Through this first-of-its-kind partnership with UC Health and Cincinnati Children’s, we’ll establish a working group of experts and practitioners to share resources and develop a trauma-informed approach to care. Additionally, the new Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program will create immediate, meaningful impact and consistent approaches at our region’s only adult and pediatric Level 1 trauma centers,” said City Manager Sheryl Long.

Cincinnati is particularly fortunate to have world-class healthcare partners in Cincinnati Children’s and UC Health. This investment will enable these institutions to provide comprehensive medical and psychological care and support, connect patients with follow-up services and address many of the underlying causes of violence in our community.

“With every patient who presents as a victim of gun violence, we are reminded that this is not just a public health crisis, but it is a call to action.  Creation of this Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program will combine the necessary medical treatment of physical injuries with wrap-around services to treat the comprehensive needs of surviving victims and their families. Together, with unwavering determination and collective compassion, we can build a safer, healthier future for every member of our community,” said Amy Makley, MD, Trauma Medical Director, UC Health. 

“Firearm-related injury is the leading cause of death for children in the United States, causing significant suffering for children and their families,” said Meera Kotagal, MD, Director of Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children’s. “We welcome the opportunity to work with our adult Level I trauma center colleagues at UC Medical Center to build an infrastructure addressing the comprehensive post-injury needs of youth, young adults, their families and communities impacted by gun violence.”

Additionally, City Manager Long announced the hiring of DeAngelo Rosa Harris as the City’s new Violence Reduction Manager. He will begin in this role on Monday, Feb. 19.