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UC Health Clinicians Are Recognized for Best Possible Patient Experience Scores

Jun. 22, 2018

CINCINNATI - More than 80 physicians and APPs were recognized as the top 1% in the nation for having the best patient experience scores.

This recognition-worthy data was recently revealed in new calendar-year metrics for 2017, which shows patients rated UC Health clinicians better than 99 percent of clinicians across the country*.

Based on advances in data methodologies, our organization has a well-established way to review this information in an accurate and systematic fashion. This compelling data shows a dramatic increase in patient experience scores for UC Health clinicians year after year. In fact, within a two-year time period, UC Health physicians and advanced practice providers achieved a 667 percent increase in the amount of clinicians ranked in the nation’s top 10 percent. There was also a substantial uptick in the number of UC Health clinicians who were among our nation’s top 1 percent.

These high-ranking scores are a testament to the outstanding care our clinicians provide every day. As an accountable and transparent organization, we not only continuously review, share and goal-set in alignment with patient experience, we proudly display real patient comments and experience levels on our own website.

Thank You for Making a Difference

We wish to thank and recognize our UC Health clinicians for making a difference in our communities through the highest level of patient care. We are grateful for their tireless commitment, excellence and compassion.

UC Health physicians and advanced practice providers ranked in the nation’s top 1 percent in 2017:

Brian Adams, MD, Dermatology

Syed Ahmad, MD, Surgical Oncology, Surgery

Lesley Arnold, MD, Psychiatry

Lauren Ashbrook, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

William Barrett, MD, Radiation Oncology

Robert Baughman, MD, Pulmonology

Ivan Bennett, PA-C, General Surgery/Bariatric Surgery

Caroline Billingsley, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Janet Boyle, MD, Nephrology

Robin Bratt, CNP, Neurology

John Breneman, MD, Radiation Oncology

Christine Burrows, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

LeAnn Coberly, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Ryan Collar, MD, Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Zelia Correa, MD, Ocular Oncology/Ophthalmology

Anna Daddabbo, MD, Primary Care/Family Medicine

Stephen Dailey, MD, Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine

Estrelita Dixon, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Kathleen Downey, MD, Primary Care/Family Medicine

Mary Duck Robertshaw, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Andrew Duker, MD, Neurology

Jean Elwing, MD, Pulmonology

Carl Fichtenbaum, MD, Infectious Disease

Robert Finlay, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Angela Fitch, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine/Pediatrics/Weight Loss

Timothy Freeman, MD, Primary Care/Family Medicine

Maureen Gartner, CNP, Neurology

Saulius Girnius, MD, Hematology Oncology

Matthew Hardin, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

Charles Hattemer, MD, Cardiology

Russell Hoffman, CNP, Cardiology

Michael Holliday, MD, Primary Care/Family Medicine

Bradley Huth, MD, Radiation Oncology

Kay Johnson, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Pamposh Kaul, MD, Infectious Disease

Jeanne Kavinsky, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Jordan Kharofa, MD, Radiation Oncology

Sid Khosla, MD, Otolaryngology

Rebecca Leach, CNP, Primary Care

Jaime Lewis, MD, Surgical Oncology

Elyse Lower, MD, Hematology Oncology

Keith Luckett, MD, Infectious Disease

Michael Luggen, MD, Rheumatology

Bradley Mathis, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Stephen Medlin, DO, Hematology Oncology

Jennifer Molano, MD, Neurology/Sleep Medicine

Brian Moseley, MD, Neurology

Caroline Mueller, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine/Pediatrics

Emily Muntel, MD, Rheumatology

Lauri Nandyal, MD, Primary Care/Family Medicine

Robert Neel IV, MD, Neurology/Neuromuscular Disorders

Ian Paquette, MD, Colon and Rectal Surgery/Oncology

Myles Pensak, MD, Otolaryngology

Michael Privitera, MD, Neurology

John Quinlan, MD, Neurology/Neuromuscular Disorders

Elizabeth Rabkin, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Janice Rafferty, MD, Colon and Rectal Surgery

Kevin Redmond, MD, Radiation Oncology

Greg Rouan, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Laura Sams, MD, Neurology/Neuromuscular Disorders

Shimul Shah, MD, Transplant Surgery

Elizabeth Shaughnessy, MD, Surgical Oncology

Jonathan Snyder, MD, Colon and Rectal Surgery

Kerith Spicknall, MD, Dermatology

Sandra Starnes, MD, Thoracic Surgery

Daniel Tanase, MD, Pulmonology

Nita Walker, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Lauren Wang, MD, Primary Care/Family Medicine

Avis Ware, MD, Rheumatology

Eric Warm, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Brad Watkins, MD, General Surgery/Bariatric Surgery

Kathleen Woeste, CNP, Hematology Oncology

Robert Wones, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

Sharice Wood, MD, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

John Wyrick, MD, Orthopaedics/Sports Medicine

Abid Yaqub, MD, Endocrinology

Frederick Zeller, MD, Pulmonology/Sleep Medicine

Joni Zinser, CNP, Primary Care/Internal Medicine

* The ratings are defined by Press Ganey’s Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG-CAHPS) survey, a nationally standardized tool to measure patient perceptions of care delivered by a provider in an office setting. Specifically, these rankings apply to the CG-CAHPS survey question that asks patients to rate a provider on a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being the best score possible). The 80-plus UC Health clinicians who ranked as the top 1 percent in the nation received consistent scores of 9 or 10 on 30 or more patient survey responses in 2017. Press Ganey advises measuring against no less than 30 survey responses per provider to ensure consistency and accuracy. These ratings span across many specialties and are measured against scores of other academic medical center physicians and advanced practice providers in the U.S. Advanced practice providers are defined in this instance as certified nurse practitioners and certified physician assistants.

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