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UC Health Introduces Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System to Southwest Ohio

Apr. 1, 2024

Cincinnati, OH - An innovative option to treat people with Abnormal or slow heart rhythms.

UC Health, a leading academic health system serving Greater Cincinnati, proudly announces a remarkable milestone in cardiac care. Introducing leading-edge innovation, UC Health has successfully implanted the AVEIR™ DR, the world's premier dual chamber leadless pacemaker system developed by Abbott. This groundbreaking advancement is poised to revolutionize treatment for individuals grappling with abnormal or slow heart rhythms.

Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June 2023, this pioneering system equips UC Health with a minimally invasive solution to address the needs of individuals requiring dual-chamber pacing (targeting both the right atrium and right ventricle) for optimal cardiac function.

Srinivas Rajsheker, MD, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at UC Health, says, " The AVEIR™ DR represents a significant leap forward in our ability to provide advanced cardiac care to our patients. This revolutionary technology not only enhances treatment options but also significantly reduces the risk of lead and pocket-related complications, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes."

Diverging from conventional pacemakers, the AVEIR™ DR entails the direct implantation of leadless devices into the heart through a minimally invasive procedure, obviating the necessity for cardiac leads. Consequently, this revolutionary approach diminishes individuals' susceptibility to potential lead and pocket-related complications, while concurrently offering a less restrictive and swifter recovery period post-implantation.

Remarkably compact, the AVEIR™ DR dual chamber leadless pacing system is approximately one-tenth the size of its traditional pacemaker. Comprising two distinct components – the AVEIR VR ventricular leadless pacemaker and the AVEIR AR atrial leadless pacemaker – the AVEIR system incorporates Abbott's pioneering i2i technology. This innovative feature addresses a significant engineering challenge by facilitating seamless beat-to-beat communication between the two leadless pacemakers, ensuring optimal cardiac rhythm management.

The new technology within the device provides synchronized cardiac pacing between two leadless pacemakers while significantly deducing battery current and improving battery life. AVEIR leadless pacemakers are also engineered to be retrieved should a person’s therapy needs change, or they need a replacement device in the future. 

UC Health's successful implantation of the AVEIR™ DR underscores our commitment to pioneering medical advancements and underscores our unwavering dedication to enhancing patient care and outcomes.