Owoicho Adogwa, MD,MPH

Adjunct Assistant Professor

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Owoicho Adogwa, MD,MPH

Expertise in Adult Scoliosis Surgery

Owoicho Adogwa, MD, is an esteemed Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at the UC College of Medicine. Renowned for his expertise in treating spinal diseases, he specializes in adult and pediatric scoliosis, degenerative spine disease, and spinal oncology, making him a sought-after resource for patients worldwide. He is one of the few surgeons in the country cross-trained in both orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Specialist

Dr. Adogwa's proficiency extends to the management of complex spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis, cervical radiculopathy, and spinal cord injuries. His treatment approach is versatile, employing both advanced minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and traditional open methods. This flexibility in treatment methods allows him to tailor the best treatment plan for each patient, including the use of spinal fusion and other surgical treatments when necessary to relieve pain and improve the patient's quality of life.

Focusing on the Cervical Spine

Dr. Adogwa's special interests extend to managing issues related to the cervical spine. He addresses cervical degenerative disease, cervical deformity, and cervical radiculopathy, providing his patients with solutions to improve their quality of life. He further expanded his skills during a fellowship at Rush, focusing on advanced complex and minimally invasive spine surgery, under the guidance of internationally acclaimed spine surgeons Vincent Traynelis, MD, and Richard Fessler, MD.

Extensive Training and Contributions to the Medical Field

Following his residency, Dr. Adogwa pursued an adult and pediatric deformity fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis. Here, he received training from world-renowned surgeons like Munish Gupta, MD, Keith Bridwell, MD, Michael Kelly, MD, Jacob Buchowski, MD, and others. He also sought additional surgical training in advanced osteotomy techniques in Lyon, France, and Accra, Ghana, cultivating his skills under the esteemed Pierre Roussouly, MD, and Oheneba Boachie, MD, the founder of the Foundation of Orthopaedics and Spine (FOCOS) Hospital.

As a result of his extensive training, Dr. Adogwa stands as one of the few surgeons globally who are cross-trained in both orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery. This unique qualification enables him to manage complex spinal disorders and, if required, perform surgical interventions with precision and expertise.

Dr. Adogwa's wide-reaching training and contributions to the medical field have marked him as a leader in spine surgery. Outside the operating room, Dr. Adogwa is a prolific researcher and academic. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers, abstracts, and book chapters and has graced over 300 scientific meetings worldwide as an invited speaker, program faculty, or guest lecturer. He has held a significant role on the editorial board of numerous scientific journals, including his role as deputy editor of The Spine Journal. He is a dedicated reviewer for more than 20 neurosurgery and orthopedic journals, cementing his influential role in the field. His leadership extends to various neurosurgery and spine surgery organizations, and he is a proud member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Scoliosis Research Society, Lumbar Spine Research Society, Cervical Spine Research Society, Congress of Neurological Surgeons, AO Spine, North American Spine Society, and the AANS/CNS spine section. His unwavering commitment to the advancement of spinal health is further highlighted by his extensive academic contributions, including the publication of over 300 scientific papers and book chapters.

Comprehensive Approach to Spinal Care

Dr. Adogwa's comprehensive approach to spinal care is deeply rooted in his commitment to his patients—meaning, personalized treatments tailored to individualized patient needs. He has a joint academic appointment in the Department of Family Medicine, division of geriatric medicine as well as the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, reaffirming his philosophy of a comprehensive approach to spine care. He led the development of the University of Cincinnati Multi-disciplinary Optimization of Spine Health program (UC-MOSH). A patient-centered program, comprised of over 10 medical and surgical specialties, focused on improving surgical outcomes. He also led the development of the University of Cincinnati neurosurgery Enhanced Recovery After Spine Surgery Program (ERAS), aimed at identifying best practices and streamlining the delivery of neurosurgery spine care at the University of Cincinnati.

His unique cross-training in both orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery, paired with his extensive knowledge of both adult and pediatric spinal disorders, allows him to provide a high level of personalized care. Whether addressing complex cases such as neuromuscular deformities and lumbar degenerative pathologies, or tackling complex primary and revisional spinal surgeries, Dr. Adogwa ensures his patients receive the best possible treatment tailored to their specific needs.

Advocating Physical Therapy for Spinal Health

Understanding the value of comprehensive patient care, Dr. Adogwa also appreciates the role of physical therapy in maintaining spinal health. He believes in the power of rehabilitation and exercise to complement his surgical treatments and promote recovery.

A Leader in the Field of Spinal Health

Overall, Dr. Adogwa's professional prowess, coupled with his dedication to research and academia, has positioned him as a leader in the field of spinal health. His extensive training, unique qualifications, and patient-centered approach to care highlight his status as an esteemed spinal specialist, making him an invaluable resource to both the UC College of Medicine and his patients.




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Bachelor's Degree

Duke University


Medical Degree

Vanderbilt University



Washington University in St. Louis


Neurological Surgery Residency

Duke University/Rush Medical Center


Board Certifications

American Board of Neurological Surgery



Neurological Surgery