Sarah Wescott, DO

Associate Professor of Clinical

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Sarah Wescott, DO

Expertise in Internal Medicine and Patient Care

Sarah Wescott, DO, is a dedicated internal medicine physician specializing in general internal medicine. Her commitment to providing comprehensive care for critically ill hospitalized patients led her to initially choose internal medicine. Dr. Wescott actively collaborates with multiple specialties and sub-specialties to treat complex and multiple comorbid diseases, aiming to provide the highest quality of care to her patients.

Advancing Healthcare through Evidence-Based Medicine

Throughout her career, Dr. Wescott recognized the importance of staying updated on medical advancements. She transitioned from a reactive approach to a proactive one, focusing on evidence-based therapies in lifestyle medicine to treat, reverse or prevent diseases rather than just addressing symptoms. This shift reflects her dedication to improving patient outcomes through a holistic and preventive approach to healthcare.

Collaborative Approach in Clinical Care

In her role, Dr. Wescott collaborates with various clinical teams, including all medicine sub-specialties, to enhance the quality of care and streamline initiatives. Her proactive approach aligns with her goal of providing comprehensive medical care delivered in a caring and compassionate manner.

The Dynamic World of Hospital Medicine

One of the aspects Dr. Wescott loves most about being in healthcare is the dynamic nature of hospital medicine. Working at the forefront of new and emerging medicine, she stays abreast of the latest evidence and collaborates with sub-specialty partners to implement positive changes. Caring for patients and their families during vulnerable times is a privilege for Dr. Wescott, allowing her to make a lasting impact on both their physical and mental well-being.

Dedication to Education and Research in Medicine

"In Science Lives Hope" holds significant meaning for Dr. Wescott. It represents her commitment to providing up-to-date, comprehensive healthcare driven by a mission to offer the best education and bedside training to physicians, students, nurses and healthcare staff. Behind the scenes, research and continued advances aim to bring more tests and treatments to patients, reflecting her dedication to being everything her patients need.

Beyond Medicine: Personal Interests and Family Life

In her free time, Dr. Wescott is an avid runner who enjoys spending time outdoors, gardening and learning about new plants. She is currently exploring the art of knitting and cherishes moments spent with her family, which includes her husband, triplet daughters, and son. Dr. Wescott's diverse interests contribute to her well-rounded perspective, enriching her interactions with patients and adding a personal touch to her medical care.



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