Kidney Transplant Education Series

Welcome to our comprehensive educational series dedicated to understanding the kidney transplant process. 

These videos were curated to guide patients, caregivers, and anyone interested in learning about kidney transplantation. From the initial consideration of a transplant to post-operative care, each video in this series provides valuable insights and information. Remember, we're here to support you every step of the way!

Pre-Transplant Education

For those embarking on the transplant journey, we offer a walkthrough of the transplant evaluation process. Our aim is to prepare you for what lies ahead, ensuring both your safety and the success of the transplantation. By understanding each step of the process, you can approach your journey with confidence and clarity. 

Kidney Transplant Evaluation Process

Learn what to expect and how we determine whether transplantation is the right option for you. The transplant evaluation process includes an initial team consultation, extensive medical tests including blood work and echocardiograms, and additional specialized screenings. A selection committee reviews your suitability for transplantation, discusses potential contraindications, and emphasizes the importance of donor-recipient compatibility and ongoing communication with our team. 

Waiting List for Kidney Transplant

The waitlist is a critical stage following the transplant evaluation process. By demystifying the waiting process and highlighting the role of our dedicated team, we hope to provide you with the knowledge and reassurance needed during this time.

Finding a Living Kidney Donor

Learn how to create a support network, known as your 'Champion Team', to spread awareness about your need for a transplant. We provide resources like brochures, letters, and kidney Champion bracelets to aid this effort.

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Pre-Kidney Transplant Clinic Visit and Social Worker Support

Learn what to expect during a pre-transplant clinic visit, essential for anyone preparing for a transplant. We detail the role of the transplant team, the psychosocial assessment, and discussions about medical conditions, treatment adherence, and support systems. We also covers crucial post-transplant requirements, including 24/7 supervision and transportation for follow-up appointments, emphasizing the importance of connections with support organizations like the American Kidney Fund. 

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Whether you are preparing for a kidney transplant or a dual kidney and pancreas procedure, our comprehensive guide details each surgery type, including duration, approaches, and organ placement. We also highlight the expected hospital stay, particularly for dual organ transplants, and emphasize the vital role of our nurse coordinator in recovery and medication management.

Post-Transplantation Plan of Care

From detailed care instructions to emotional support, learn what to expect during your post-transplant clinic visits, including the clinic visit schedule, the critical role of caregivers in the early weeks, medication management, monitoring for organ rejection, and laboratory tests.