Brachytherapy is radiation treatment that is placed as close to the cancer as possible. The radiation is given over time using tiny “seeds” containing radioactive material that are implanted in the tissue. It is often used to treat prostate cancer.

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Answers to Your Brachytherapy Questions

Brachytherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that places radioactive seeds directly into the site of the tumor or cancer. The seeds remain in place for several days after treatment to provide radiation directly to the tumor. 

The length of treatment depends on the type of cancer being treated, location of the cancer and other factors.

Cancers that can be treated by this procedure include sarcoma, ocular, prostate, pelvic, breast, cervical, uterine, vaginal as well as some head and neck cancers.

There are often few to no side effects associated with brachytherapy, and because the radiation is delivered directly to the cancer and with/ a higher dose over a shorter period of time, it does less damage to nearby normal cells.

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