Cytoreduction Surgery with HIPEC

This procedure is used to treat advanced appendix and colorectal cancers. First, all visible cancer cells and tumors are removed surgically. Then, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) is used to treat any remaining unseen cancer cells.

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Our physicians have the most experience in the region using HIPEC, also known as a “chemo bath” or “hot chemotherapy” to treat cancers that have spread into the peritoneum (tissue lining the abdomen).

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Answers to Your Cytoreduction Surgery with HIPEC Questions

HIPEC allows for a higher dose of chemotherapy to be delivered to the abdomen more effectively and safely than traditional chemotherapy. It can also help improve the quality of life for patients with late-stage cancers and help prolong survival time. 

The side effects associated with this treatment can be fewer than those with oral and intravenous (IV) chemotherapy as well.

Any patient with metastatic cancer only in the peritoneal cavity, including appendix and/or colorectal cancer, may be a potential candidate for cytoreduction surgery with HIPEC.

The treatment lasts about six to 10 hours, and while many patients only require one treatment, it may be performed several times as necessary. 

Recovery typically involves a hospital stay that can range from one week to two months or longer. 

The average success following treatment is up to a 50% five-year survival rate.

Why UC Health

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Unparalled Experience

At UC Health, we perform more cytoreduction surgery with HIPEC procedures than any other center in the region. We were also part of a team that pioneered and perfected this treatment, providing hope to patients across the country.

Collaborative Care

We are one of 13 hospitals in the nation involved with the U.S. HIPEC Collaborative, a real-time research program focused on finding new ways to treat and manage postoperative challenges with gastrointestinal cancer.

Providing Support to Patients

We are also part of PMP Pals, the world’s oldest global volunteer-run organization that gives hope to patients and caregivers fighting appendix cancer, also known as pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP).

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We are committed to providing optimal care to patients by collaborating with healthcare professionals throughout our community and provide several avenues for patient referrals and easy access for referring physicians and clinicians to consult with UC Health specialists.

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