FAST MRI, also called abbreviated MRI or AB-MRI, is a shorter version of a standard breast MRI that is designed to screen for additional breast cancers that are not seen on mammography.

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Answers to your FAST MRI Questions

FAST MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed pictures of the breast. Like an ultrasound, MRI does not use radiation (X-rays) and is not limited by dense breast tissue. MRI uses dye injected into the bloodstream to highlight abnormalities in the breast–that’s what makes it possible to find many early cancers not seen on a mammogram or ultrasound.

FAST MRI can detect more than twice as many breast cancers as the latest 3D mammogram in women with dense breasts.

The combination of FAST MRI and 3D mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis), gives a patient the best chance of early breast cancer detection in average and intermediate risk women with dense breast tissue.

A FAST MRI only takes 10-15 minutes to perform, whereas  a standard breast MRI will take around 40 minutes.

Women are eligible for a FAST MRI if they meet all the following criteria: 

  • A negative mammogram within 11 months of the scheduled FAST MRI. 

  • No new breast symptoms (ie, palpable lump, nipple discharge, etc). 

  • Breast cancer risk assessment with lifetime risk less than 20%. 

  • No diagnosis of breast cancer within the past two (2) years. 

  • Does not qualify for traditional breast MRI for any reason.

UC Health offers FAST MRI screenings at the following locations:


Clifton Campus

Ridgeway Tower

Level A

3200 Burnet Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45229


West Chester Campus

Physicians Office Building North

Suite 1800

7690 Discovery Drive

West Chester, OH 45069


How can I schedule a FAST MRI? 

Patients will need an order for a BREAST MRI FAST SCAN from their healthcare provider. Once an order is put in, patients can schedule their exam by calling 513-585-TEST. 

While not covered by insurance, it can be requested by your healthcare provider for an out-of-pocket cost of $350.

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