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We deliver hope to people who have seizures. Our experienced team offers laser ablation, a surgery that can help decrease seizures. If medications don’t work well for you, laser ablation may be a treatment option.

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You’ll find the only adult laser ablation surgery in the region at UC Health. It’s treatment that can stop seizures, right here in the Tristate. You can trust the experience of our team.

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We are dedicated to helping you navigate and manage life with seizures. We understand that seizures can be frightening and a diagnosis of epilepsy overwhelming. Our team of experts, with more than three decades of experience and access to the most advanced brain imaging techniques, is committed to customizing a plan to stop your seizures. As the only Level IV center in the region, you can expect only the best care here.

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Answers to Your Laser Ablation Surgery Questions

Laser ablation is a less invasive surgery than most brain surgeries. That means less time in the operating room, a smaller incision and fewer complications after surgery.


During surgery, a beam of light and heat is used to target and remove brain cells that cause seizures. We use an MRI to help us precisely locate the correct brain cells. It’s a method that has fewer risks and a quicker recovery time.


The first step is a hospital stay in our epilepsy monitoring unit. During your stay, we work to find the exact part of the brain where seizures are coming from. We perform a variety of tests that help us find out how close the seizure-causing brain cells are to the parts of your brain that control movement, speech and memory. 

Next, all the different types of specialists on the epilepsy treatment team meet to discuss the results of the tests. They create a treatment plan with the neurosurgeon. Every patient’s plan is personalized.


During the surgery, you are put to sleep with general anesthesia in the MRI suite. Your surgeon makes a tiny hole in the skull. Next, a small tube called a catheter is put into the hole and is guided by the MRI. Your surgeon then uses a tiny laser in the tip of the catheter to remove the part of the brain causing the seizures. The removal is called “ablation.”


This type of surgery reduces the risk of memory problems and speech problems after surgery.


Focal epilepsy can be treated with laser ablation.

Certain patients can be treated with laser ablation. They include:

  • Patients whose medicines don’t work to control the seizures.

  • Patients who have well-localized seizures.

  • Older patients or patients with additional medical problems. For these patients, major surgery where the skull is opened is riskier. Laser ablation can be a better option.

  • Patients whose seizures are located close to the movement, speech and memory areas of the brain.

Patients who undergo laser ablation usually have a better quality of life. The benefits include being able to drive, work and do other things they couldn’t do while having seizures. Also, most people can reduce their medications gradually and still have fewer seizures.

Most patients have fewer seizures after laser ablation. Between 60–70% have no seizures one year after surgery.

Most patients can decrease their medications over time. Your physician will help you make this change slowly and safely.

Why UC Health

Experience and Expertise

A Team Approach

We gather a team of renowned subspecialists to provide your care. By using experience and training that covers a wide range of neurological medicine, we’re able to work together to deliver superior and innovative solutions for you.

Highly Experienced Staff

Laser ablation is a groundbreaking procedure, and we’ve performed it since it was discovered. Our years of experience mean we’re prepared for every patient and devoted to providing compassionate care that improves your quality of life.

Superior Outcomes

Laser ablation surgery has fewer risks and complications than traditional surgery, providing first-rate results and shorter recovery times after surgery.

Epilepsy Is Our Focus

Research and teaching make us better clinicians. We focus closely on epilepsy, reading journals, attending international conferences and talking to other experts. It makes us more prepared to treat epilepsy than others who don’t specialize in it.

Specially Trained Physicians

Our physicians are experts who trained at world-renowned institutions before bringing their unique experience to UC Health.

Reducing Seizures

Up to 70% of our laser ablation patients have no seizures one year after their surgery, allowing them to return to driving, working and doing what they love.

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