Limb Replantation

Limb replantation surgery reattaches a body part that has been completely cut from the body. 

Using tiny tools and magnification, this complex surgery (also known as microsurgery) aims to restore as much function as possible to the severed limb.

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As the only Level I trauma center in the region, our experts collaborate with other surgical specialists and therapists to restore strength and movement and reduce pain following this procedure.

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We are dedicated to helping you navigate and manage life with seizures. We understand that seizures can be frightening and a diagnosis of epilepsy overwhelming. Our team of experts, with more than three decades of experience and access to the most advanced brain imaging techniques, is committed to customizing a plan to stop your seizures. As the only Level IV center in the region, you can expect only the best care here.

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Answers to Your Limb Replantation Questions

Limb replantation surgery is for any patient that has a severed limb and requires bone, nerve, tendon and/or blood vessel repair or reconstruction.

Surgeries are usually long and complicated, and some patients may need multiple surgeries to address their injury.

Following surgery, most patients spend three to seven days in the intensive care unit and six to 12 months in physical therapy. 

Some patients also experience chronic pain after surgery, but our physicians work closely with physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain management experts to help control pain and discomfort.

Our team approach means that our nerve surgery subspecialists work with experts from plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, hand surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physical therapy and anesthesia/pain management to treat patients needing limb replantation.

In addition, our physicians are fellowship-trained and subspecialize in restoring hand, wrist and elbow function using both nonsurgical and highly advanced surgical techniques. 

We also have the ability to perform these procedures any time, day or night, thanks to our round-the-clock microsurgical coverage in our operating rooms.

Why UC Health

Experience and Expertise

National Research, Local Care

At UC Health, our nerve and surgical subspecialists are active in national research studies that evaluate the best and most innovative ways to treat nerve injuries and restore function as soon as possible.

Collaborative Treatment

Our experts partner with psychiatrists and pain management experts to help you recover both physically and mentally following a limb replantation surgery.

Ongoing Expertise

We average about one limb replantation surgery per month, and we have the expertise needed to help restore your overall health and get you back to your daily life.

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