Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

Gender affirming voice therapy, also known as gender spectrum voice therapy, is designed to help patients find and develop a new voice that matches their gender identity.

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Greater Cincinnati’s professional singers, including those with Cincinnati Opera, rely on UC Health’s best-in-class expertise to keep their voices in optimal condition. Our team of subspecialists use the latest therapies and techniques backed by research to treat voice conditions that affect the career of a professional singer or speaker.

To schedule an appointment, please call the UC Health Performance Voice & Professional Voice team at 513-475-8400.

At UC Health, we know how critical your voice and your ability to swallow is to your everyday life. Our team of subspecialists have deep expertise in the injuries and conditions that affect the voice and swallowing, and use the latest research to deliver the best treatments and therapies. We also know how important your voice is to your identity — that’s why we offer transgender voice therapy for those who wish to modify their voice and speaking.

To schedule an appointment, please call the UC Health Voice & Swallowing team at 513-475-8400.

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Answers to Your Gender Affirming Voice Therapy Questions

The goal of transgender voice therapy is to help patients become more comfortable and confident using their voice for effective verbal communication. Our experts use tools and exercises to aid in voice adjustments that help patients find and develop their own unique voice.

Being comfortable using your voice is essential for effective verbal communication. Transgender voice therapy can help safely modify the sound of your voice without damaging the vocal cords. This therapy can help to adjust:

  • Inflectional patterns.
  • Speech-sound articulation.
  • Conversational pitch.
  • Vocal quality.
  • Semantics/word choice.
  • Breath support.
  • Body language.

Therapy can also help patients overcome anxiety, depression and gender dysphoria. 

Our speech-language pathologists create a plan that is tailored to each patient and the goals they have for their own identity. The therapy options aim to teach you how to master your voice in a safe, controlled manner. 

Feminization — Changing your voice to sound more feminine. Hormones taken during the male-to-female transition do not have any effect on the voice, so our subspecialists can provide options that can adjust the tone of your voice to sound more high-pitched and melodic.

Masculinization — Changing your voice to sound more masculine. Testosterone therapy will naturally deepen the voice; however, some may not see the results they want through hormone therapy alone. We can help adjust the tone of your voice to sound lower-pitched and more masculine.

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