TRIMS (Transplant-Related Interdisciplinary Metabolic Surgery)

An innovative surgical program making transplants possible through weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery for Transplant

If you’re struggling to lose weight in order to qualify for a transplant, it can be difficult and worrisome. We understand these challenges, and we’re here to help. Weight shouldn’t be a barrier to transplantation, so we founded TRIMS. Our patients undergo bariatric weight loss surgery, and after reaching a healthy weight, our team transplants a new organ. We pledge to create an individual care plan for you to help you on this new path.

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Excessive weight is often linked to other medical conditions, from renal, liver and heart failure to other life-threatening diseases. Our team of specialists is forging a path for obese patients in need of a lifesaving organ transplant.

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Our Unique Approach to Patient Care

Answers to Your TRIMS Questions

As researchers, teachers and physicians, our transplant specialists already have a world of training and experience. Studies showing patients with healthy weights are more likely to qualify for transplantation—and more likely to have successful outcomes. Our team helps you achieve both.

A procedure called a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is a safe and effective form of surgical weight loss. It avoids implanting a foreign body like a gastric band and has a lower risk profile when compared to gastric bypass. You and your surgeon will discuss whether this surgery or a nonsurgical treatment is best for your weight loss.

Patients need support and consistency on their weight loss journey. Our dietitian meets you at every appointment, a physical therapist works with you to identify the best exercises for you and our bariatric nurse coordinator helps you manage the process.

Whole Body Approach to Weight Loss

The TRIMS Program makes total care available all in one place, helping more people become eligible for transplantation.

Experience and Expertise

The surgeon who performs your weight loss surgery is supported by a full, multidisciplinary team. Working together, these teams possess tremendous experience and significant knowledge that enables them to address the special needs of our bariatric and transplant patients.

Helpful Nurse Coordinator

A bariatric nurse coordinator is available for answering any questions, scheduling tests, procedures and surgeries, and will support you throughout your entire weight loss and transplant journey.

Guidance from Dietitians

A licensed dietitian meets with you at all appointments throughout the weight loss process. You will have access to proven weight loss counseling, increasing the likelihood of lifelong results.

Personalized Physical Therapy

A physical therapist meets with you at your visits to provide an individualized assessment and exercise plan, built to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

Essential Psychological Support

All patients meet with a psychologist who specializes in the complexities of weight loss and transplantation. Determining what challenges and successes you may encounter during the weight loss process provides you with the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off.

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