Group Medical Visits

Group medical visits help you build a support system while focusing on self-care and lifestyle modifications so you can live to your fullest potential. When you attend group medical visits, you’re joined by a supportive team of individuals who are experiencing a similar health journey. You will spend time with a team of medical professionals to learn health and wellness topics, including:

  • How to transition to healthy eating.
  • How to safely increase physical activity.
  • How to recognize and relieve stress via health-promoting practices.

    Watch our video to learn more about our patients’ experiences with group medical visits:

    Your group medical visit is billed as any other provider visit. We offer group medical visits for:

  • Patients living with multiple sclerosis: 513-475-9567
  • Cancer patients who have completed treatment: 513-475-9567
  • Centering Group Medical Visits – Patients with pre-diabetes, diabetes, chronic pain and obesity: 513-584-0373