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Female physician at symposium

Diet Soda Associated with Increase in Dementia and Stroke, Study Finds

Just when you thought there were no more dietary pitfalls to worry about, a study published in the journal Stroke has found an association between [...]

Female doctor at symposium

Statins Assume a Starring Role in Prevention of Alzheimer's Disease

Rhonna Shatz, DO, director of the UC Memory Disorders Center, hears the question at least once a week from patients or family practitioners: “Can statins [...]

Four speakers at braint tumor event

2016: A Year of Progress, Healing and New Beginnings

The physicians, researchers, managers and associates of the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute say thank you to our friends who supported our tripartite mission [...]

Gala Aids in Transformation of Care for Dementia and Memory Disorders

UC Health and the University of Cincinnati have begun steadily transforming the way memory disorders are being treated in Cincinnati. Supporting this transformation is the [...]


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