For Providers


For Providers

Surgeons and proceduralists requesting anesthesia services can refer a patient to the Center for Perioperative Care (CPC) prior to their procedure.


What is the Center for Perioperative Care (CPC)?

  • Hospital based clinic operated in part by the Department of Anesthesia in conjunction with Perioperative Services of UC Health.
  • It functions to standardize and coordinate the preoperative process through UC Health.

What we do at the CPC?

  • Coordinate perioperative care for patients, collaborate with surgeons, medical subspecialists and day-of-surgery anesthesiologists to make sure patient has a defined perioperative plan.
  • Ensure medical optimization and, risk stratify (no “clearance”) based on patient and surgical factors.
  • Perform the day-of-surgery RN intake process (medication reconciliation, intake questions), as well as provide preoperative instructions.
  • Provide a location for lab draws and ECG.

Why is there a need for the CPC?

  • Some of our patients have straight-forward medical issues with little impact on perioperative care. However, many of our patients have high-risk medical problems in variable states of medical optimization and are undergoing high-risk surgical procedures.
  • The CPC allows us to evaluate complex patients preoperatively and formulate a comprehensive perioperative plan so that when they arrive on the day of surgery, we avoid significant delays and cancellations which are significant dissatisfiers to patients and providers.