The Center for Perioperative Care

The UC Health Center for Perioperative Care (CPC) provides the highest level of preoperative care for patients about to undergo surgery. Whether it’s minor outpatient surgery, or a more complex procedure, a visit to the CPC can help prevent or minimize complications, reduce postoperative pain and lead to a faster recovery by meeting with the anesthesia team prior to surgery.

Once you’ve discussed options and decided to proceed with your surgery, your surgeon will refer you to the CPC.  If you are having surgery at University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) or Holmes Hospital, then you will be referred to the CPC office within UCMC.    If you are having surgery at West Chester Hospital (WCH) or West Chester Ambulatory Surgical Center, then you will be referred to the CPC office at WCH, also known as the WCH Center for Perioperative Care..

During your visit, our experienced perioperative care professionals and members of the anesthesia team will gather information about your medical history in order to identify any risks of complications prior to surgery. We’ll also provide you with an individualized care plan, along with education and information about your surgery, so that your procedure and your recovery proceed as smoothly as possible.

Our goal is make your surgical experience the best possible with the most successful outcome. Learning what to expect before, during and after your surgery helps to reduce anxiety and stress that often accompany medical procedures. In addition, proper perioperative care minimizes the potential for cancellation or delay of surgery, saving you valuable time and needless frustration.

Our comprehensive perioperative care management includes:

  • Completion of all necessary lab work prior to surgery
  • Consultation and education about anesthesia during surgery
  • Determination of the need for any additional tests that need to be completed prior to surgery
  • Medical evaluation, including history and physical if needed
  • Review of current medications and patient education regarding use before and after surgery

What is the Center for Perioperative Care (CPC)?

  •  Hospital based clinic operated in part by the Department of Anesthesia in conjunction with Perioperative Services
    of UC Health.
  • It functions to standardize and coordinate the preoperative process through UC Health.

What we do at the CPC?

  • Coordinate perioperative care for patients, collaborate with surgeons, medical sub-specialists and day-of-surgery
    anesthesiologists to make sure patient has a defined perioperative plan.
  • Ensure medical optimization and, risk stratify (no “clearance”) based on patient and surgical factors.
  • Perform the day-of-surgery RN intake process (medication reconciliation, intake questions), as well as provide
    preoperative instructions.
  • Provide a location for lab draws and ECG.

Why is there a need for the CPC?

  • Some of our patients have straight-forward medical issues with little impact on perioperative care. However, many of our patients have high-risk medical problems in variable states of medical optimization and are undergoing high-risk surgical procedures.
  • The CPC allows us to evaluate complex patients preoperatively and formulate a comprehensive perioperative plan
    so that when they arrive on the day of surgery, we avoid significant delays and cancellations which are significant
    dissatisfiers to patients and providers.