UC Health Specialty Pharmacy

What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

A specialty pharmacy fills prescriptions for patients with complex medical conditions. These may include rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, solid organ transplant and some types of cancers.

Medications for these medical conditions are often expensive and may:

  • Require injection or infusion, although some are taken by mouth
  • Have unique storage requirements
  • Require special handling and shipping
  • May not be available at community retail pharmacies
  • Require ongoing clinical monitoring

Choose UC Health for Your Specialty Medications

UC Health Specialty Pharmacy provides convenient access to medication therapy for patients with complex medical conditions.

Personalized Service

Pharmacy team members coordinate with patient’s providers to fill and dispense specialty medications. We monitor medication adherence and offer comprehensive disease state management programs. Ongoing support is provided through phone calls, complete medication reviews, assessments of side effects and assessing lab values. Pharmacists are also available 24/7 for patient consultation and questions.

Billing & Financial Assistance

The patient’s insurance provider is billed for the cost of the medication, similar to billing at community retail pharmacies. Our patient care advocates are available to connect patients to financial assistance programs, facilitate prior authorizations and collect payment information.

Convenient Medication Shipment & Delivery

Specialty medications may have unique shipping and/or delivery requirements. We offer secure, private delivery options at no cost to patients.

  • Courier – delivered to patient’s address within 1 week after prescriptions are processed. Some medications require special storage and will be delivered the next day.
  • Specialty Clinic Appointment –delivered to patient’s specialty clinic office for pickup at their appointment.
  • UC Health Outpatient Pharmacy – delivered for pickup at a UC Health Outpatient Pharmacy

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