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  • 20 Aug 15

First FDA-Approved Treatment for LAM Spearheaded by UC Research

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the drug sirolimus for the treatment of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a rare lung disorder primarily affecting women. The Multicenter International Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Efficacy and Safety of Sirolimus (MILES) trial, spearheaded by investigators at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine and Cincinnati

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  • 14 Nov 16

Novel MRI Approaches Provide Risk-free High Resolution Images of Lung Structures

“Most of us were taught that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is not useful for studying the pulmonary parenchyma; but that is changing,” says Frank McCormack, MD. Jason Woods, PhD, agrees that use of MRI in pulmonary disease is coming of age, as clinicians learn that novel MRI approaches can provide risk-free high resolution images of

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  • 16 Sep 16

UC Researchers Play Key Roles at Rare Lung Diseases Research Conference

The 2016 International Rare Lung Diseases Research Conference is designed to educate patients, help jump-start clinical trials and offer a forum for the latest research on rare lung diseases, according to Frank McCormack, MD, Taylor Professor and Director of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. The conference is set for Sept. 22-25,

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  • 03 Jan 18

University of Cincinnati Faculty Lead Development of LAM Guidelines

“Although lymphangioleiomyomatosis [LAM] is a rare condition, many pulmonary physicians will encounter it at some point in their careers, and it is important for the community to have the tools to properly diagnose and manage the disease,” said Francis McCormack, MD, University of Cincinnati Taylor Professor and director, division of pulmonary, critical care and sleep

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