Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Focal therapy for Prostate Cancer is a targeted treatment option that destroys areas of cancer in the prostate while sparing rest of the benign prostate. UC Health is the only system locally offering this treatment.

In typical prostate cancer cases, less than 30 percent of the prostate is affected by the cancer. Until recently, the entire prostate would have to be removed or radiated because there was no way to identify and treat the cancerous area. With focal therapy, which is similar to a lumpectomy in breast cancer,  the cancer can be targeted and treated more effectively in a minimal or non-invasive fashion, limiting the harshness and side effects of prostate cancer treatment in patients.


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Focal therapy involves the use of prostate MRI scans as a guidance tool to pinpoint the cancer and specialized equipment to kill it either by freezing or ultrasound waves.

Dr. Abhinav Sidana, Director of Urologic Oncology and Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Urology has been using this treatment strategy in a select group of patients after reviewing the prostate MRI scans with Dr. Sadhna Verma, who is an internationally recognized expert in prostate MRI.

If treatment via focal therapy is an option, surgeons use a needle-thin probe to penetrate the tumor and kill it by freezing it to a very low temperature. The team at UC has also started to offer focal therapy using high-intensity focused ultrasound, which uses the energy of sound waves to superheat and eliminate tumors.

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