About the Liver Transplant Program

For over 30 years, the liver transplant program at UC Health has been bringing hope and renewed life to patients. A growing number of individuals with complicated liver conditions rely on the outstanding liver transplant team at UC Health before, during and after transplant surgery. Last year, we performed 95 liver transplants.

Excellent Outcomes

The outcomes for liver transplants at UC Health are consistently at or above the expected national average and compare very favorably to programs in the region.

According to the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) report, our transplant rate among waitlist patients is significantly higher than other programs.

Distinctions of the UC Health Liver Transplant Program

The experience and expertise of UC Health Physicians enable them to perform successful liver transplants for patients with multiple complications. Thanks to the strong team at UC Health, high-risk patients have a better opportunity to access a liver transplant.

Patients with both HIV and Hepatitis C, or other multiple infections, face a higher risk of complications. Because UC Health physicians have worked extensively with co-infected patients, they are experts in managing these risks factors to achieve results. For patients with HIV, a sophisticated triple drug therapy is used to manage the condition throughout the disease and transplant process.

UC Health’s expertise in surgery, hepatology, biliary endoscopy, radiology, interventional radiology, oncology and radiation oncology provides a unique program to manage the complex care of hepatocellular carcinoma. Their extensive experience and volume of cases in this cancer has allowed UC Health providers to be national experts in the management of HCC.

Our complex and innovative split liver transplant procedure allows us to help two patients. We divide one donated organ and transplant it into two patients. UC Health, in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, performed this sophisticated procedure in July, 2013.

UC Health transplant surgeons have unique expertise for patients with these multiple conditions, so they can help develop individual treatment plans.  One surgeon and one team can coordinate both a gastric procedure for weight loss and a transplant, increasing the chance for a successful transplant.

UC Health researchers pioneered the reduction of steroid-type drugs in transplant patients, decreasing the many negative side effects associated with prolonged steroid use.

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