Our Specialty Training

Our physicians are vascular surgery specialists—board certified, fellowship trained and professors in an academic medical center. Why does that matter?

  • Specialty trained: Physicians in the UC Health Vein Center are specialty trained in Vascular Surgery. At some facilities that provide vein care, the physicians do not specialize in veins. They may be general practitioners or a specialist in another field. We think a vein specialist should do your vein procedure.
  • Board certified: We think you want more than the minimum required to practice medicine. Board certification—granted after rigorous training passing a an exam in Vascular Surgery— is considered to be a demonstration of a physician’s knowledge, experience and skills. Board certified means your physician has gone the extra mile to show you his or her competency.
  • Fellowship trained: After a required five-year residency in Surgery, a physician can complete a two-year fellowship in Vascular Surgery to gain extra knowledge and develop the technical skills required for Vascular procedures. A fellowship-trained Vascular Surgeon has focused two extra years on learning about surgical and minimally invasive procedures. Only 30 percent of all physicians across all specialties have fellowship training. All of the Vascular Surgeons at UC Health are fellowship trained.
  • Academic medical center: UC Health physicians are part of the University of Cincinnati. This means we instruct and train the next generation of vascular specialists. To do that, we must be in the forefront of techniques, knowledge and research. It also means we’re involved in the latest research and clinical trials to make new discoveries about vein therapies. And, of course, our patients have immediate access to any specialist at this renowned medical center.

You have choices about where to have your vein problem treated. Health insurance companies cover the same amount no matter where you receive care. Why not choose the place with the most expertise?

When you have a vein problem treated at the UC Health Vein Center, you can be confident that your physician offers the highest level of expertise in vein care.