Your First Appointment: What To Expect

One of our vein specialists will provide a physical examination and talk to you about your medical history, vein problem and goals. You may have testing such as duplex ultrasound in our Vascular Laboratory to show us the blood flow in your veins.

You don’t need a physician referral to see us. You can schedule an appointment with a vein specialist – there’s no long wait for appointments.

How do you know when to get help for a vein problem? We’re happy to see you at any point in your journey. If your legs have any of these symptoms, please schedule an appointment for a consultation:
• Painful
• Swollen
• Tender
• Itchy
• Bulging
• Have wounds that don’t heal
• Unsightly

If your vein problem is simply cosmetic – you don’t like how they make your legs appear – that’s still a valid reason for consulting a vein specialist. You don’t have to live with discomfort or unsightly veins. Generally, vein problems don’t go away without help. They often get worse. Our patients remark that they feel great relief after treatment.

Our vein specialists see patients at various locations in the UC Health system.

Insurance Coverage

You may want to know if your health insurance covers vein problems.

Coverage varies by insurance provider and policy. Usually, an insurance company approves treatment if your ultrasound shows abnormal blood flow in your veins and related medical problems such as pain, swelling, skin changes or ulcers. However, most require that you try conservative treatment first – wearing compression stockings for at least three months – before they consider your claim.

We submit a claim to your insurance company, and they decide if treatment we recommend is medically necessary and allowed by your policy. We work closely with you during this process to help you achieve satisfaction.