Patient Amenities


West Chester Hospital Patient Room

Our goal at West Chester Hospital is to provide a pleasant and healing environment for all who enter, maximizing efficiency, safety and convenience. Our family-centered care means that you and your family won’t have long waits to be seen, won’t get lost navigating a confusing floor plan, and will be made as comfortable as if you were staying at a hotel. Just a few of the amenities we provide include:With our guest’s comfort in mind, we off er the following amenities:

  • Private inpatient, same day surgery and emergency departments rooms
  • Bedside registration in the emergency department, which facilitates patient privacy and treatment without delay
  • Comfortable sleeper sofas in every inpatient room for overnight guests
  • Large, fl at-screen televisions and cable access in all inpatient rooms
  • Wireless internet access for patients and visitors
  • Full-size, walk-in showers in inpatient rooms
  • Faith Center and spiritual care, 24-hours a day
  • Patient Resource Center that offers information pertaining to a variety of diseases, as well as resources for finding ongoing help and support
  • Complimentary tablet computers for inpatients that provide direct access to your medical records, simplified communication with physicians and staff, entertainment including movies and music, and other special features
  • Inpatient room service that allows you to choose what and when to eat. Room service meals are also available for visiting friends and family members
  • Immediate access to the largest number of specialist physicians available within the Greater Cincinnati region and the comfort of knowing that your visit to West Chester Hospital is backed by the power, strength and knowledge of the region’s only academic health system

Private, spacious rooms

West Chester Hospital has 186 patient rooms, all of which are private. Every room has a private restroom with a walk-in shower, fold-out sleeper-sofas for overnight guests, large, flat-panel televisions with cable, large windows to let in natural light, and soft, soothing color schemes that help you relax.

Unlike many hospitals that have a single nurse station on each floor, we designed and built a nurse mini-station for every two rooms. This allows your nurse to focus more time and energy on the patients, ensures a quicker response time in case of emergencies, and gives you the extra assurance that you won’t be left alone for long periods of time while the nurse is busy elsewhere.

Finally, our patient beds are the latest in medical equipment – known as “smart beds,” these are more than just a comfortable place to sleep. The Hill-Rom VersaCare® mattresses redistribute air pressure to prevent bed sores, assist nurses in turning patients, communicate electronically with the Navicare patient tracking system, and notify nurses when a patient needs help.

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