Friends of Tiny Hearts

Welcome to the Friends of Tiny Hearts. Chances are if you’re here, you are the proud parent, family member or friend, of a preemie. Having a baby in the NICU can be a stressful, emotional, confusing, happy, sad and exhilarating journey – all wrapped into one. The Friends of Tiny Hearts understand that journey. We’re a group of passionate parents who have been down the NICU road, and come out the other end stronger, and dedicated NICU staff members at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) who are committed to making sure your baby gets the absolute, best care possible. We’re here for you – the families, friends and staff of UCMC’s Level III NICU  – whatever you may need.

Support for NICU Parents 

Friends of Tiny HeartsParenting a preemie – in the hospital and at home – is tough. We’ve compiled a list of helpful and informative resources to help parents during their NICU journey, including websites, blogs, books and support groups. Review our resources, and let us know if you see one that’s missing.

Get Involved with Tiny Hearts

The Friends of Tiny Hearts is dedicated to advancing the innovative care available for premature babies at UCMC. And just like our babies in the NICU, we know support can come in all shapes in sizes. Learn more about the ways you can become involved, and be a Friend of Tiny Hearts.

Attend an Event 

Every month, we hold a Parent Information Night for families with babies currently in the NICU. Other events, such as a reunion, March for Babies, and more, are periodically scheduled throughout the year.

About Friends of Tiny Hearts

Friends of Tiny Hearts is a group of passionate families, friends and NICU staff that are dedicated to supporting and improving the outstanding care available at UCMC’s NICU through awareness, family support and fundraising. Friends of Tiny Hearts is working to bring more resources to help NICU families understand the condition and medical care their premature baby receives, to help them bond with and care for their baby, and to empower moms to navigate the complicated and scary path of being a parent to a preemie.

Have a question? Email or call (513) 585-TINY.