Blood Cancer Healing Center

Nation's Newest, Most Comprehensive Blood Cancer Healing Center to Transform Care

The Blood Cancer Healing Center, is poised to redefine care standards by offering comprehensive patient support and innovative treatments under one roof. With clinical services opening as part of a phased approach in the summer of 2024, this state-of-the-art facility will address the critical needs of the 1.6 million individuals affected by blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma, annually in the U.S. Other spaces within the facility are scheduled to open in 2025.

Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient

To Refer a Patient, call 513-585-UCCC to:

  • Connect to a University of Cincinnati Cancer Center physician for a telephone consultation.
  • Coordinate new urgent patient appointments.
  • Obtain more information about the Blood Cancer Healing Center and its services.

At the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center, we’re committed to partnering with physicians and clinicians who refer patients to us.

Dr. Byrd and the entire team of physicians and advanced practice professionals at the Blood Cancer Healing Center will ensure continuity of care and seamless partnership with all clinicians caring for the patient, keeping close personal communication and collaborating on the next steps at every stage of care.

To refer a patient or consult with a specialist, call 513-585-UCCC

Our Unique Approach

The Future Of Cancer Care

The Blood Cancer Healing Center provides unparalleled whole-person patient care and new novel treatments—all in one building.

30+ Inpatient Beds
24/7 Urgent Care
Outpatient Clinic, Infusion Therapies, Cellular Therapy
100+ Clinical Trials Unit

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