Paths to Possibilities: A Journey of Hope, Compassion and Innovation

Nov. 17, 2023

Witness the remarkable transformation at Washington Park in the heart of Cincinnati. UC Health, in collaboration with 3CDC, brings you "Paths to Possibilities." 

Paths to Possibilities: A Journey of Hope, Compassion, and Innovation

This winter, embark on a journey illuminated by stories of courage, innovation, and compassionate care. Discover how we're turning barriers into breakthroughs and reimagining recovery.

A Tapestry of Triumphs

Each light in the "Paths to Possibilities" display symbolizes a beacon of hope. These aren't mere narratives; they are testaments to the power of the human spirit and medical excellence. Stories like Madi Smith's heart-wrenching battle with severe heart failure, and Maja Flannery's courageous fight against multiple cancers, exemplify lifelines of hope created by UC Health.

Innovation at the Forefront

Our display doesn't just reflect personal battles; it's a tribute to UC Health's pioneering advancements in medicine. From playing a critical role in the COVID-19 vaccine trial to groundbreaking treatments like the lifesaving LVAD for heart patients, each story marks a significant milestone in medical history.

Beyond Medicine: A Community's Heartbeat

What truly sets these stories apart is the spirit of community and care. The Timothy Freeman MD Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is a prime example, offering a nurturing transition in healthcare from childhood to adulthood. We celebrate an environment of compassion and support, transcending traditional treatment.

Join Us on This Inspirational Journey

As you experience "Paths to Possibilities" at Washington Park, witness firsthand these stories of hope, innovation, and community spirit. This is more than an exhibition; it's a celebration of overcoming challenges and unlocking new possibilities in healthcare.

Join us at Washington Park to be part of this extraordinary narrative, as we reimagine the future of healthcare, one story at a time.

Madison Edwards Patient Story

Care that Rises to the Challenge

Madi Smith was told she had just days to live when she went into heart failure upon delivering her newborn daughter. She credits a transfer to UC Medical Center—and the determination and expertise of the doctors and nurses who helped her there—for saving her life. 

Read Madi's Story

Cancer Survivorship Services led by two Cancer Survivors

Cancer Care Reimagined

The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center Survivorship and Supportive Services is led by clinicians and cancer survivors Beth Shaughnessy, MD, and Alique Topalian, PhD. Patients and their families have access to physical, emotional, and mental support via the region’s only Oncology Primary Care, plus integrative health therapies to enhance patients' well-being and quality of life from diagnosis through treatment, and beyond. 

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UC Health's Role in Developing the COVID-19 Vaccine

Global Impact: Breakthroughs that Benefit Us All

Did you know the University of Cincinnati and UC Health was 1 of nearly 90 sites nationwide to host the phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial with Moderna, which became one of the most common vaccines? It’s clinical trials like this one that help advance medicine in Cincinnati and across the globe.

Learn about our Role in COVID-19 Vaccine Development

FLASH Radiotherapy Clinical Trials at UC Health

Clinical Trials: Where research becomes results.

Side effects from treatment are a daily challenge for cancer patients. That’s why the Cincinnati Children's and UC Medical Center Proton Therapy Center completed the world's first human trial of FLASH radiotherapy, an innovative therapy that delivers a high dose of radiation to tumors in a fraction of a second, reducing side effects and improving outcomes.

Learn more about Ground-breaking Cancer Treatment Research

How UC Health is bringing CPR education to the Cincinnati community

Taking Live-Saving Lessons Beyond a Classroom

TAKE10 Cincinnati, powered by UC Health, is a free, 10-minute training that educates the community about compression-only CPR—an easy-to-learn technique that can save lives. TAKE10 is compression-only, so there is no mouth-to-mouth. Through TAKE10 Cincinnati, we’ve provided in-person and virtual training to countless Cincinnatians, and beyond.  

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Three cancers. A boundless story. 

Faced with the diagnosis of multiple cancers, Maja Flannery remains undiscouraged by her medical conditions. From oncologists specializing in her various cancers to wellness experts to help her through treatment and recovery, Maja describes her care at UC Health as, “connected with a purpose”.

Read Maja’s Story

Phillip's Story: A Life-altering Hemorrhagic Stroke

A life-altering stroke. A Future Re-imagined. 

Phillip Thrash, a stroke survivor, has never been defined or limited by the status quo, refusing to accept good enough. Phillip continues to push in his recovery – he is driving independently, doing adaptive CrossFit, completing home projects, and participating in 5Ks. UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute remains at the heart of his journey.

Read Phillip’s Story

Travis Miller's Story: Rescued from the Rubble

Rescued From the Rubble

Travis Miller was trapped under tons of steel, concrete, and debris when a 14-story building collapsed. His odds of survival? Almost zero. But because he was airlifted to UC Medical Center, he received access to a world of multispecialty, advanced trauma care that not only saved his life but positioned him to thrive. 

Read Travis’s Story

Timothy Freeman, MD, Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Pioneering New Horizons Every Day

The Timothy Freeman, MD, Center for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) helps patients and families transition out of pediatric health care into an environment that provides coordinated, patient-centered adult health care. UC Health is one of the few academic health centers in the country to provide interdisciplinary services for adults with IDD.

Explore the Difference in Patient-centric Care

Ebonie's Story: Surviving Cardiac Arrest and Heart Transplant

Offering Second Chances

Ebonie Sherwood, a three-sport athlete, student leader, a member of the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, came to UC Medical Center after a cardiac arrest at track practice. Ebonie needed a heart transplant as soon as possible. The specialized teams and advanced treatments available at UC Health were her only hope. Her team fought hard to keep her alive until her new heart came and supported her through recovery.

Read Ebonie’s Story

Embracing a Future of Endless Possibilities

As we navigate the "Paths to Possibilities" at Washington Park, each story, each light, each moment of breakthrough serves as a reminder of the incredible journey of healthcare. From Madi Smith's miraculous recovery to Maja Flannery's undaunted spirit in the face of multiple cancers, from groundbreaking clinical trials to lifesaving educational initiatives like TAKE10 Cincinnati, UC Health stands as a beacon of hope and advancement.

These stories are not just individual tales of survival and resilience; they represent the collective efforts of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in medicine. They showcase the unwavering commitment of UC Health to not only provide exceptional care but also to foster a future where every patient's journey is imbued with the best of medical science and the deepest compassion.

As we witness the lights of the "Paths to Possibilities" display, let's celebrate the courage, innovation, and tireless dedication that have led to these remarkable achievements. Together, we stand on the threshold of a new era in healthcare—an era defined by our shared commitment to turning possibilities into realities, for every patient, every day.

Join us in this transformative journey at Washington Park and be a part of the story where compassion meets innovation, where challenges are conquered, and where every light signifies a new dawn of hope and healing in healthcare.

Discover, Celebrate, and Be Inspired - Your Path to Possibilities Awaits.