The Waddell Center for Multiple Sclerosis

Led by a team of physicians with advanced training in multiple sclerosis (MS) and neuroimmunology to bring hope to MS patients.

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The unpredictability of multiple sclerosis can take an emotional toll, leaving patients struggling with managing symptoms, especially as the disease progresses. Our team of experts is not only skilled in diagnosing and managing MS but is at the forefront of ongoing research of its underlying causes. With subspecialists across many disciplines, our physician team brings a comprehensive approach to accurate diagnosis and treatment to help patients live their best lives.



We Are Committed To Advancing Medical Options.

The best medical programs in the world are part of leading-edge research aimed at improving public health and developing new medical treatments. As the Region’s only adult academic medical center, we house vibrant research programs that include ongoing clinical trials, actively initiating studies to bring new therapies and diagnostic tests to patients in Greater Cincinnati and around the world.

We Actively Seek Medical Discoveries.

Nationally and internationally recognized for its research efforts, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and UC Health has a long and distinguished history of medical discoveries. Our premier surgeon-scientists and postdoctoral researchers pursue innovative and exciting research, focused on applying their discoveries directly to the bedside to advance patient care.



Our Teams Build Strong Collaborative Partnerships With Referring Providers.

We are committed to providing optimal care to your patient and open communication with you. As a referring physician, we understand that you need to be kept informed on your patient’s progress. That’s why we set up a toolbox to share detailed information about your patient’s health with you.

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A class specifically designed for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other Neurological Disorders and their Caregivers.

Yoga can help build strength, soothe the mind, improve posture, flexibility, and balance, sharpen concentration and enable relaxation through Yoga. This beginner-level class will incorporate slow, comfortable movements with breathing, mindfulness and gentle stretching.

Conditions We Treat

Our team is armed with extensive knowledge of multiple sclerosis and conditions that can mimic this disease

Working to Manage Symptoms and Slow Multiple Sclerosis Progression

Your health deserves both expertise and compassionate care to best control your symptoms and increase your mobility. With UC Health, you’ll find both.

Advanced Diagnostics & Treatments

Baclofen Pump
Art Therapy
Medical Management
Lifestyle Management
Supportive Services

Innovative Personalized Care

Exploring Opportunities That Offer Hope for MS

Physicians at UC Health strive to discover breakthroughs that advance medicine and bring innovative solutions to those living with multiple sclerosis.

7 clinical studies
4,000 patients
11 team members
3 wellness programs

Expertise and Technology at Work

Effective Treatment Starts with Accurate Diagnosis


Michael’s Story

Harley Davidson enthusiast Michael Farrow never thought he would have to give up riding his motorcycle, until a series of falls led to a diagnosis that changed his life. After being diagnosed with MS and years of medications and clinical trials, he has control of his life and is back on his Harley.


Working toward a Cure through Community Giving

Through generous community support, the Waddell Center for Multiple Sclerosis Fund was founded to support patients and families through the discovery of  leading-edge treatments.

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At UC Health, we lead the region in scientific discoveries and embrace a spirit of purpose – offering our patients and their families something beyond everyday healthcare. At UC Health, we offer hope.

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