Living Donor Organ Transplantation

Providing options for transplant candidates, reducing wait times and leading to better outcomes.

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Living donations can help save a life. At UC Health, we offer more than 50 years of transplant experience, multi-faceted, state-of-the-art care and treatment in an academic medical setting. Our goal is to set trends, not follow them, using patient satisfaction, safety and patient- and family-centered practices. UC Health has an innovative and leading-edge program that provides personalized care to our patients in all phases of transplant.

Living-Donor Transplants

Donating a kidney or a portion of your liver to someone is a significant gift, and the decision must be entered into with a full understanding of the living donation process. Some choose to donate to family members or close friends, some may donate anonymously, but whatever you decide, your donation could save a life.

Our Unique Approach

Your Transplant Care Team at Work

It’s an extraordinary gift to donate a portion of your liver or your kidney, and we will partner with you through this entire journey.  This entire process costs nothing to the donor.  Our goal is to ensure that all living donor candidates feel comfortable in making an informed decision to move forward with living donation and are knowledgeable of the process. We offer the expertise to ensure you feel fully comfortable and ready to provide this significant gift to someone in need.

More than 50 years of transplant experience.
Multi-faceted, state-of-the-art care and treatment.
Only adult living donor liver program in the region.
Over 50 team members dedicated to your care.


Research and Advancements Making More Transplants Possible

Patient Stories

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask: The Search for a Kidney Donor

In desperate need of a kidney transplant, Marcus Edwards creates sign at Chicago Bears game that leads to a viral moment and his donor.

How You Can Help

Saving A Life Starts With Organ Donation.

Living organ donors are responsible for giving new life to thousands of patients every year, and people who direct their organs to donation after death are responsible for thousands more. Are you ready to give the gift of life?

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