Total Knee Replacement

A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces diseased joint surfaces with implants that mimic healthy knee function.

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At UC Health, our orthopaedic surgeons specializing in joint replacement deliver individualized, compassionate care to place you on a path to healing and recovery. Our experts are highly trained in traditional and innovative procedures and treatments that are both surgical and nonsurgical, all backed by the latest research, to get you moving comfortably again.

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Answers to Your Total Knee Replacement Questions

A total knee replacement, also called knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes the surfaces of damaged cartilage and bones in the knee and replaces it with metal and plastic components on the femur, tibia and patella.

For patients suffering from knee pain and discomfort commonly caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and/or post-traumatic arthritis, a total knee replacement can relieve pain, increase mobility and restore daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs. 

Patients that have severe knee pain that limits their daily activities and those who experience moderate to severe knee pain while resting are good candidates for this procedure.

In addition, patients with a knee deformity or those with chronic knee inflammation that cannot be controlled with medications, cortisone and/or lubricating injections, physical therapy or other surgeries can also benefit from a total knee replacement.

Prior to surgery, most patients will undergo preoperative care.  After surgery, a post-operative exercise regimen and physical therapy help patients restore their knee movement and regain strength and stability. 

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On average, 90% of patients who have had a total knee replacement report a dramatic reduction of their knee pain following surgery and physical therapy.

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Our surgeons use specialized equipment and innovative techniques to help improve recovery times and patient outcomes.

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Our board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions. They also consistently appear on lists such as Best Doctors in America and Cincinnati Magazine’s “Top Doctors in Cincinnati.”

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