UC Mood Disorders Center

The UC Mood Disorders Center is a national leader in the study and treatment of mood disorders, including major depression and bipolar disorder, as well as a potential co-morbid conditions such as anxiety disorders, substance use disorders and cognitive impairment.

The Mood Disorders Center is affiliated with the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC), one of only 16 academic health centers dedicated to advancing research, treatment and public education in the areas of depression and bipolar disorder.

As a multidisciplinary center of excellence, we combine the talents of clinical and basic science investigators with internationally recognized expertise in behavioral medicine, developmental neuroscience, neuroendocrinology, molecular neurobiology, metabolism, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress neurobiology, cognition and addiction.

We support a thriving research program that is actively creating the future of personalized medicine. One of our primary goals is to decrease the amount of time between the onset of a mood disorder and successful diagnosis and treatment for the patient. We focus on identifying predictors of these disorders, as well as studying new interventions to maximize outcomes in patients diagnosed with major depression and bipolar disorder.

We conduct dozens of clinical trials for children and adults. Our research efforts complement our clinical programs to serve the Tristate region’s mood disorder needs. Individuals interested in contributing to our research can view our current clinical trials.

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