Complete Thyroid Surgical Care

UC Health offers minimally invasive surgery for thyroid and parathyroid diseases including primary hyperparathyroidism, hyperthyroidism, suspicious thyroid nodules and small thyroid cancers.

We’re the only ones in the Tristate region providing minimally invasive approaches, which offer better cosmetic outcomes, less pain and faster recovery.

No matter which thyroid or parathyroid condition you have, you can have all of your preoperative care in one location and usually in one visit ⎯ ultrasound, ultrasound-guided fine needle biopsy and cyto molecular testing (testing for tumor-specific mutations in thyroid nodules).

Experienced Thyroid Experts

You’re in the best possible hands at UC Health. We’ve performed more than 1,000 parathyroidectomies and 1,000 thyroidectomies in the last decade. And our otolaryngologists are involved with research in thyroid cancers and help to create industry-wide clinical guidelines for thyroid nodules and cancer. We also provide ultrasound-surveillance in patients with a history of thyroid cancer.

Our Team

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