Clinical Study

A Randomized Phase III Trial Of Adjuvant Therapy Comparing Chemotherapy Alone (Six Cycles Of Docetaxel Plus Cyclophosphamide Or Four Cycles Of Doxorub

Posted Date: May 15, 2019

  • Investigator: Elizabeth Shaughnessy
  • Specialties: Breast Cancer, Cancer, Oncology
  • Type of Study: Drug

This study will determine if adding a targed therapy to standard treatment with chemotherapy for early stage, HER2-low breast cancer, will prevent breast cancer from returning. Participation in this study will last for 10 years. Chemotherapy will take 4-6 months. About 3, 260 women will take part in


Eligible Patients Must Have Early Stage Breast Cancer That Has Been Removed By Surgery


B-47, Breast Cancer, Her2, High Risk, Node Negative

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