Clinical Study

Uc Heart Bank

Posted Date: Jul 21, 2021

  • Investigator: Sakthivel Sadayappan
  • Specialties: Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease
  • Type of Study: Observational/Survey

The purpose of this biorepository will be to collect tissue isolated from hearts at the time of LVAD placement, LVAD removal, or heart transplantation. Blood samples will also be collected from each subject. Tissue and blood samples from the biorepository will serve to delineate potential genes that might be involved in the reverse remodeling process in patients receiving a LVAD. Functional, biochemical, and histological assessment of isolated primary cardiac and fibroblast cells will provide insights into the cell-type specific roles in the onset and progression of myocardial dysfunction. Most patients undergoing surgical LVAD placement, LVAD removal, or heart transplantation at University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) will be approached for inclusion in this study.


Scheduled For Lvad Placement, Lvad Removal, Or Heart Transplantation


Heart Transplant, Ventricular Assist Device

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