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Disparities And Equity In Childhood Cardiovascular Exposures And Alzheimer’S Dementia: The I3c Decade Study

Posted Date: Jan 30, 2023

  • Investigator: Achala Vagal
  • Specialties:
  • Type of Study: Observational/Survey

In the study, Disparities and Equity in Childhood CV Exposure and Alzheimer’s DEmentia (I3C DECADE), indicators of ADRD-related brain health and CV structure and function will be collected in mid-life (35-70 years) among participants of the Bogalusa Heart Study (BHS), National Growth and Health Study (NGHS) and Princeton Lipid Research Study (PLRS), a period when the subtle impacts of subclinical vascular changes on brain health first begin to emerge, often several decades before dementia becomes clinically evident. The effort aligns with the 2020 National Institute on Aging strategic objective to “support the development of population-based data sets, especially from longitudinal studies, suitable for analysis of … factors affecting health… through the life course.” This study will examine how early CV exposures relate to midlife ADRD markers, stratifying analyses to understand how associations may vary by sex, between blacks and whites, and by socioeconomic and geographic disadvantage.


To Be Eligible To Participate In The Study, An Individual Must ? Have Provided Bhs, Nghs Or Plrs Cardiometabolic Measurements At Least Once Previously In Childhood, Adolescence Or Adulthood; ? Be 18 Years Or Older ? Be Willing To Undergo The Required Assessments; ? Be Willing To Be Contacted For This Or Future Related Research Studies; ? Be Willing To Allow The Investigator To Use Publicly Available Databases To Determine Whether The Participant Is Living, For Purposes Related To Participation In The Bogalusa Heart Study, Only; ? Agree That Their De-Identified Data And/Or Specimens Will Be Shared With Dr. Owen Carmichael, Lead Investigator At The Pennington Biomedical Research Center To Investigate Brain Structure And Function


Brain Health, Population Based, Midlife

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