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Are Health Care Providers Confident In Guiding And Providing Care To Adaptive Athletes?

Posted Date: Mar 27, 2023

  • Investigator: Victoria Heasley
  • Type of Study: Observational/Survey

Background: It is well documented that regular exercise and sport participation significantly contribute to improved quality of life, health, and wellness for both able-bodied individuals and those with disabilities. However, persons with disabilities have significantly lower rates of exercise and involvement in sport compared to their able-bodied counterparts. The literature reporting the benefits of exercise in persons with disability concur there are a multitude of factors contributing to the lower activity participation rates. Lack of knowledge of adaptive opportunities is one such barrier for both the person with the disability as well as the medical provider. There is scant literature examining healthcare providers' awareness of adaptive sport and exercise opportunities and healthcare providers’ confidence and comfort treating adaptive athletes. These gaps in available literature warrant further examination to determine what existing barriers can be addressed in the preparation and practice of healthcare professionals. Specific aims: To examine the perceived ability of sports medicine physicians to effectively treat and manage the preventative and rehabilitative care of adaptive athletes. Study design: This is an exploratory study using mixed methods that will collect quantitative and qualitative data through an online survey. Hypothesis: The minority of those clinicians responding will report they feel confident to effectively treat and manage the preventative and rehabilitative care of adaptive athletes Significance of study: This research has the potential to identify preliminary knowledge gaps in how to advocate and promote involvement in adaptive sports as well as in the care for adaptive athletes. Identified barriers can then be a focal point of further research, education, and collaboration between disciplines in order to limit disparities and provide the best care for adaptive athletes.


Resident, Fellow, Or Attending Physicians Who Practices Sports Medicine In The United States In Outpatient, Inpatient Rehabilitation, And Acute Hospital Settings Who Completed Or Is Completing Residency Or Fellowship Training In The United States. Practicing Certified Athletic Trainers Or Physical Therapists In The United States Who Completed Their Training In The United States.


Adaptive Athletes, Adaptive Sports Experience

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