Clinical Study

Ms100070_0176 An Open-Label, Multicenter Follow-Up Study To Collect Long-Term Data On Participants From Multiple Avelumab (Msb0010718c) Clinical Studies

Posted Date: Jun 20, 2019

  • Investigator: Trisha Wise-Draper
  • Specialties: Cancer, Oncology
  • Type of Study: Drug

The purpose of this study is to monitor the safety and tolerability of avelumab in participants with solid tumors who continue treatment with avelumab under the same treatment regimen as in the parent avelumab study. Efficacy will be measured by occurrence of Treatment-related Non-serious Treatment-Emergent Adverse Events (TEAEs), All Serious AEs, Immunerelated AEs and Infusion-related Reactions. Participants entering this roll over study will receive avelumab as a 1-hour intravenous (IV) infusion at 10 milligram per kilogram (mg/kg) once every 2 weeks until progressive disease.


Must Be On Current Avelumab Treatment Or On Long Term Survival Follow Up. No Participants Who Are Pregnant Or Breastfeeding. No Participants Still On Active Treatment.


Cancer, Avelumab, Tumors

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