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Burn Center

UC Health Burn Surgery provides the most advanced, innovative care for the treatment of burns in adults. Our burn and plastic/reconstructive surgeons have the expertise to help patients heal with better outcomes, making the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Burn Center the primary center for burn care in the tri-state region.

Maximizing Healing Opportunities for Burn Patients

Burns are some of the most devastating of medical emergencies. Survivors may suffer extreme pain as well as difficult and demanding rehabilitation. The Burn Center at University of Cincinnati Medical Center — the area’s only adult burn center – provides specialized care for those affected by burn injury in hopes of improving a patient’s chance of survival and healing, and resuming optimal function.

For adult burn patients, UC Health University of Cincinnati Medical Center Burn Center features a Burn outpatient clinic with full monitoring capabilities. The Center offers fast evaluation on the unit for patients with minor acute burns and has the sophisticated equipment needed to address more critical needs, such as topic epidermal necrolysis, soft tissue necrosis, necrotizing skin and soft tissue infections, hidradenitis suppurative and isolated inhalation injury.

The Burn Center care team features specially trained healthcare professionals qualified in burn management, wound care and critical care. Our specialists are asked to teach, participating in the American Burn Association Advanced Burn Life Support – providing firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals with the ability to assess and stabilize patients with serious burns during those first critical hours following injury.

Two attending burn surgeons, resident physicians, physician assistants, nursing staff, respiratory staff, nutrition support, rehabilitative therapists, pharmacy support and social services provide progressive care. As a burn-injured patient, treatment and therapy begin the day you are admitted. You remain on the unit, with your care team following you through your entire healing process, until discharge. Follow-up, outpatient care in the burn clinic is also performed by the same burn care team.

Healing may be a lengthy process. To help with coping, we provide support and education with SOAR (Survivors Offering Assistance during Recovery), part of the Phoenix Society. Trained volunteers who are burn survivors offer assistance to other burn-injured patients as they recover.