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Lactation Consultants

A Higher Range of Services and Availability

University of Cincinnati Medical Center offers in-depth consultation by our board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC) to patients at all stages of pregnancy and after delivery. From prenatal classes to one-on-one inpatient consultation, we are your resource for everything you need to know about breastfeeding, including encouragement and support. We strive to provide the best possible baby-friendly environment for your breastfeeding success.

Personal Consultation at Your Request

During your stay at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, our experienced nurses are trained to assist with breastfeeding in the first hour following birth, and throughout your stay. Personal consultation with a lactation consultant is available upon request to ensure you have the highest level of care. If your baby is transferred to our dedicated Neonatal Intensive Care unit, we are ready to assist. Upon discharge, we will provide you with resources to make your breastfeeding experience the best possible success and are available for phone consultation or for private appointments (513-584-LADY) in our Center for Women’s Health to provide support at home.

Affordable Breastfeeding Classes at Convenient Times and Locations

The lactation consultations and University of Cincinnati Medical Center conduct regular breastfeeding classes at a variety of times and locations convenient to your appointments and your life. Affordable classes are held in the same building as your scheduled ultrasounds and bimonthly evening classes are available for your convenience.

In addition to teaching the basics of breastfeeding, University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s breastfeeding classes are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your baby, from development to the emotional challenges of new parenthood. We are here to offer you information, encouragement and support.

For more information on our breastfeeding classes, visit Childbirth Education.