University of Cincinnati Medical Center

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OB/GYN Services

A Skilled Care Team To Help You Maintain Your OB/GYN Health.

Our Center for Women’s Health is committed to providing comprehensive and cohesive outpatient obstetrics and gynecology services to our patients, from adolescence through menopause.

Pelvic Floor Health

Successful evaluation and treatment of conditions that affect pelvic organs requires a high level of expertise. With a board-certified urognyecologist on staff and the latest state-of-the art technology, we’re able to diagnose, treat, and resolve pelvic health issues.

Cervical Health

We provide regular screening for prevention of cervical cancer as well as treatment for various cervical conditions. Many procedures can be performed at the Center for Women’s Health on an outpatient basis.

Prenatal Treatment Center

We offer the most advanced technology for OB ultrasound, fetal heart rate monitoring, and prenatal care. Our Telemedicine Unit and technology enables ultrasounds to be performed and interpreted in real-time allowing our providers to quickly identify any concerns Having maternal fetal medicine specialists on our staff often allows for same-day test results.

Medical Complications of Pregnancy Care

Our board certified maternal fetal medicine specialists offer a multidisciplinary team approach in caring for pregnant women with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart conditions, seizure disorders, etc. As a multi-disciplinary hospital, we have access to specialists in all fields to help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.

Diabetes and Pregnancy Program

The highest quality diabetic care is provided by a team of maternal fetal medicine specialists all working closely with patients to help them achieve optimal blood sugar control before and during their pregnancy.

OB/GYN Nurse Practitioners

Our highly skilled nurse practitioners (NP) and certified nurse midwives (CNM) specialize in low-risk OB/GYN and adolescent girls’ health. Practicing under the Ohio State Board of Nursing’s regulations, our NPs and CNMs are able to diagnose medical conditions and write prescriptions as independent providers, while working in collaboration with board certified physicians. This group provides a wide range of services, including annual exams, prenatal care, STD screening, contraception and general sexual health.

Compassionate Care For A Broad Range Of Women’s Issues

Specializing in the care of low-risk OB/GYN and adolescent girls’ health and wellness, including teen pregnancy, this group of highly skilled clinicians has over 40 years of combined experience and is able to diagnose medical conditions and prescribe medications under the direction of a board-certified physician. Our services include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Annual exams
  • Birth control
  • Pap tests
  • Health screenings
  • Education on women’s health issues

Adolescent  Health & Wellness

Our nurse practitioners can help adolescent girls be more comfortable with their bodies. Our Health & Wellness Program includes an introduction to gynecologic care presented in a friendly, nurturing way.