University of Cincinnati Medical Center

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OB/GYN Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners

Skilled Clinicians Caring for the Special Needs of Women and Adolescents

University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program was developed with the woman’s needs in mind. This group of highly skilled clinicians with over 40 years of combined experience specializes in the care of low-risk OB/GYN and adolescent girls’ health and wellness, including teen pregnancy. Practicing under the rules and regulations of the state board of nursing, our nurse practitioners are able to diagnose medical conditions and to prescribe medications under the direction of a board-certified physician.

Providing Compassionate Care for a Broad Range of Women’s Health Services

The nurse practitioners at University of Cincinnati Medical Center pride themselves in treating every woman as an individual.  Nurse Practitioners realize the importance of prevention education.  We take the time to listen, and want to be sure you are satisfied with your plan of care.

Our full-range of services includes outstanding care for women of all ages, including:

  • Prenatal care
  • Annual examinations
  • Birth control
  • Pap smears
  • Health Screenings
  • Overall teaching about women’s health issues

We can conduct physical examinations, including cervical cancer screening and breast examinations, and are also able to manage and monitor a variety of women’s health conditions.

Adolescent Girl’s Health and Wellness

The teen years are an exiting and special time. Adolescent girls face so many changes, including changes to their bodies. Our nurse practitioners would like to help the young women in your life, to prepare them to become the women of tomorrow.  Our Adolescent Girl’s Health and Wellness Program includes an introduction to gynecology care, in a friendly, welcoming environment.

The needs of a pregnant teen are complex. Teens often do not fully understand their situation, from a social or physical standpoint. Physical demands on a developing body and social situations can be challenging. The nurse practitioners and physicians at University of Cincinnati Medical Center work closely together in the care of our teen mothers. By promoting education and access to resources, our nurse practitioners and physicians assure pregnant teens that they are not alone.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Adolescent Girls Health and Wellness Program offers a unique centering approach to pregnancy care. By coupling expectant mothers together, who are due at the same time, we promote socialization and a support system that will carry them through their pregnancy and beyond. This approach nurtures accountability and self-involvement and demonstrates our deep commitment to the best health for expectant mothers and their babies.