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Outpatient Services at our Center for Women’s Health

Providing Comprehensive And Cohesive OB/GYN Care At All Stages Of Your Life.

At The Center For Women’s Health, our multidisciplinary team of providers includes obstetricians, gynecologists, a urogynecologist, OB/GYN residents, nurse practitioners, and support staff. This care team is committed to serving all women, during all stages of life, and assures you the highest level of care possible. Our focus on education and access to the latest resources helps you make informed decisions about your Obstetric and gynecologic health.

Centering Pregnancy ® Program

Our Centering Pregnancy ® program takes prenatal care out of the exam room into an open environment where women come together in groups of 8 to 12 for their prenatal care. In this group setting, women have the opportunity to learn more about healthy pregnancy and birth in a supportive group setting. Studies show that “centering” helps to reduce preterm births and infant mortality rates, thus the reason why Centering Pregnancy® is one of University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s initiatives.

Adolescent Pregnancy Services

The needs of a pregnant teen are complex. The physical demands of a developing body, coupled with the challenges presented by social situations can be difficult to manage. Through education and support services, our nurse practitioners and physicians are able to provide a high level of clinical care and emotional support to our young mothers-to-be.

Community Women’s Services

This unique extension of University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Women’s Services allows our clinicians to provide OB/GYN services in community health centers around the Cincinnati area. Theses services will soon expand to provide better access. In addition to direct patient care, our nurse case managers also serve as liaisons in helping patients in need of more extensive care locate services, coordinate appointments, and gain answers to health related questions.