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Postpartum Care

Strengthen Your Bond With Specialized Care

Immediately following the birth of your child, you need time to rest and care for yourself and bond with your baby in a soothing and supportive environment. University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Postpartum unit allows you to do just that. Our dedicated nurses accommodate your every need by providing you with exactly what you want, whether its rest, bonding or family time.

Comprehensive Education and Preparation for Life at Home

The period following the birth of your child is a time to relax but it is also time to learn. Our staff is experienced at teaching you everything you need to know in preparation for your return home with baby. We offer a variety of resources and answer any questions you may have. Educational topics may include:  bathing baby; crib safety; car seat safety; infant feeding and nutrition.  Self care may include:  perineal or incision care; breast care; exercise; and rest and nutrition. Our board-certified Lactation Consultants are also available to meet with you at any time during your stay.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Mother – Baby unit strives to deliver the highest quality of compassionate, family-centered care following the birth of your baby. Our highest achievement is preparing you for a healthy life with your baby and family upon return to your home.

Family-Centered Care in a Supportive Environment

We welcome and encourage your visitors. All those persons who are special to you are invited to spend time with you and your baby during your hospital stay. Before the birth of your baby, you may introduce siblings to the idea of a new addition with our Sibling Class. During your postpartum period, siblings are welcome to participate in your baby’s care. The health care team is always available to support you and answer any questions you may have about your care and the care of your baby.