Our Approach

UC Health Women's CenterUC Health Women’s Center is Greater Cincinnati’s premiere prevention, treatment and research center for women’s health. We offer an innovative patient-centered, evidence-based and collaborative approach to primary and multispecialty care informed by a deep understanding of women’s unique health needs throughout their lifetime.

Your medical home: a new approach to primary and multispecialty care

  • Patients and providers working together to achieve maximized personal health outcomes
  • Provider-facilitated coordination of care across specialties, throughout your life
  • Full spectrum of multi-specialty programs and services.

Evidence-based care, specialized for women

  • Expert care informed by a deep understanding of gender differences and response to disease
  • Comprehensive outpatient programs and services, customized to a woman’s changing needs
  • Collaborative approach to complicated women’s health cases, managed by your referring physician

Advancing women’s health care in Greater Cincinnati

  • Turning breakthrough research discoveries into improved treatments and therapies
  • Educating today’s and tomorrow’s providers
  • Providing women a local resource for expert health and wellness advice and support services

A model for the health care community

  • Pioneering a new approach to health care delivery and support
  • Advancing treatment and implementing new standards of care
  • A health care voice for women, promoting the national dialogue on women’s health

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